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Safeguard Your Folsom Home with Expert Orkin Pest Control Services

In Folsom, California, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind knowing that Orkin provides top-tier pest control services designed to effectively tackle any pest problem. With over 120 years of industry expertise, Orkin stands out with its scientifically backed solutions, highly skilled professionals, and commitment to public education and environmental responsibility. Whether you're facing common pests like ants and spiders or dealing with more severe issues like termite damage, Orkin's comprehensive suite of services and customized treatment plans are tailored to meet the specific needs of your Folsom home.

Most Recent Reviews

  • "We called Orkin after witnessing a swarm of termites outside of our house. We were totally freaked out! The young man who did the inspection actually showed up early. After we showed him where we'd witnessed a swarm, he explained the types of termites and their habits. He did a thorough inspection of the outside perimeter of the house and pointed out evidence of beetles in the dead roots of long-gone trees around the house. He investigated the crawl space of the house and deck and even helped us lug out a large, beetle-infested board that had been stored under the deck. He also pointed out other possible problem areas (e.g., cardboard boxes in the garage). After a his inspection, he found no evidence of infestation, except for a stringer under the deck, which he recommended that we replace (he could have pushed chemical treatment of the board, but he didn't). We didn't pay a penny for the inspection. We were completely pleased and impressed with the professionalism, good humor, and integrity of service provider and would definitely turn to this company again in the future."

    - via Angieslist
  • "We’ve had one service and everything was fine. I wish I would have known ahead of time that If they spray inside the home, we need to be gone for two hours. Otherwise, so far so good."

    - Dee-Anna Ramirezvia Google

    - via Angieslist
  • "I called several exterminators before deciding on Orkin. One company didn't show up. Another company sent out a guy who acted just like a used car salesman. He said that I had termites (I knew that!), measured the house without inspecting anything else and even did the used car stunt of calling his manager to get a lower price. When Anna from Orkin came out, at first, I was skeptical. Anna carefully inspected the damage. She correctly identified that there were two types of termites involved (I checked the UC Davis site), found a termite in a spider web in the house next door, and throughly inspected my house. The people who came out to do the treatment were equally thorough and they were careful and cautious not to cause any problems. And they were the same price as the guy who had to call his manager. I would highly recommend them! UPDATE: (November 29, 2012) Since the initial treatment, they've come out annually to inspect and treat, if necessary. They always call and set up a time. The people on the phone and the people who've come out have been dependably professional. All of them are also nice and friendly."

    - via Angieslist

    - via Angieslist

Orkin's Unmatched Service in Folsom

When it comes to protecting your home from pests, Orkin’s legacy of excellence ensures that Folsom residents receive unmatched service. Orkin’s team of well-equipped, empathetic, and rigorously trained professionals are ready to tackle any challenge, providing a sense of security that only comes from working with the best in the industry. By choosing Orkin, Folsom homeowners benefit from the Orkin Guarantee, ensuring satisfaction with a promise of off-schedule return visits and a 30-day money-back policy.

Expertise and Training: The Orkin Difference

Orkin’s dedication to expertise and training is unparalleled, with a state-of-the-art training center and award-winning programs. Folsom homeowners can trust that Orkin Pros are the most thoroughly trained pest specialists in the industry, knowledgeable in the latest pest control technologies and methods to provide effective and environmentally responsible solutions.

The Seasonal Science of Pest Control

In Folsom, understanding the seasonality of pests is crucial for effective pest management. Orkin’s approach is tailored to seasonal pest habits, ensuring proactive measures are taken year-round for consistent protection. From the shelter season of winter to the high activity of summer pests, Orkin’s strategic treatments keep homes safeguarded through every season.

Addressing Folsom's Unique Pest Challenges

Folsom's climate and geography present unique pest control challenges that Orkin is well-equipped to manage. Whether it's the dry heat that drives ants indoors or the proximity to water bodies that attract mosquitoes, Orkin’s local pros have the expertise to handle Folsom-specific pest issues with precision and care.

Pest Control Tailored to Your Home

Orkin recognizes that every home in Folsom is unique, which is why they provide customized solutions. From initial inspection to treatment and follow-up, Orkin develops a personalized plan that targets your home's specific vulnerabilities, ensuring effective control of both indoor nuisances like cockroaches and outdoor invaders like rodents.

Safeguarding Health with Orkin’s Pest Control

Pests aren't just annoying; they pose real health hazards. Orkin is dedicated to mitigating these risks by controlling pests that can carry diseases such as West Nile virus or cause allergic reactions. Folsom homeowners can rest assured that their family's health is a top priority with Orkin's comprehensive pest control strategies.

Orkin’s Commercial Offerings: Protecting Folsom Businesses

Orkin extends its expert services to Folsom's business community as well. With specialized commercial offerings, businesses can benefit from Orkin’s industry-specific pest control solutions, ensuring they meet health regulations and maintain a pest-free environment for their customers and employees.

Choosing Orkin: A Smart Investment for Homeowners

Investing in professional pest control with Orkin is not only a choice for immediate relief but also a long-term investment in your property's value and your family's health. Orkin’s proven methods contrast favorably when compared to DIY solutions, offering Folsom homeowners efficient, reliable, and lasting protection against pests.

Residents of nearby cities such as Roseville, El Dorado Hills, and Rancho Cordova can also take advantage of Orkin's exceptional services, ensuring that the wider region benefits from the highest standard of pest control. With Orkin, you're not just hiring an exterminator; you're partnering with a protector of public health, a guardian of the environment, and a proven problem-solver for your home.

Commonly Asked Questions about Orkin

How much does Orkin charge for pest control?

Orkin offers professional pest control services in Folsom, California. The company provides customized solutions to address pest issues and offers a range of treatment options. Pricing for Orkin's pest control services may vary depending on factors such as the type of pest infestation and the size of the property. For accurate pricing information, it is recommended to contact Orkin directly.

Does Orkin provide follow-up treatments for ticks if needed?

Yes, Orkin does provide follow-up treatments for ticks if needed. We understand the importance of thorough pest control and offer additional treatments to ensure the elimination of ticks from your property. Our team of experts will assess the situation and provide the necessary follow-up treatments to address any remaining ticks.

Can using strong-smelling substances deter mice fast?

Yes, using strong-smelling substances can help deter mice quickly. Mice have a powerful sense of smell, and certain odors can repel them. For example, peppermint oil and ammonia are known to be effective in deterring mice. Placing these strong-smelling substances strategically around your home can help discourage mice from entering or staying. It's important to note that while these methods may provide temporary relief, they may not offer a long-term solution. Consulting with a professional pest control company like Orkin can help address the root cause of a mouse infestation and provide effective treatment options.

Do mice prefer certain types of beds or bedding materials?

Mice do not have a specific preference for certain types of beds or bedding materials. However, they do seek out warm, cozy, and secluded areas to nest. It is important to keep potential nesting materials, such as paper, fabric, or cardboard, properly stored or disposed of to minimize the likelihood of mice making their nests in these materials.

Are bed sheets contaminated after fumigation?

Yes, the bed sheets can become contaminated after fumigation. It is important to wash or replace the bed sheets following the fumigation process to ensure a clean and safe sleeping environment.

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