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Most Recent Reviews

  • "one of the representative the pricing information. Afterwards they called me back with a "deal" so I accepted it. Initial examination was promising Dead coach roaches were popping up, waking up in the morning and not seeing it was great. However, as the months go by the roaches started to pop up again, I had complained about seeing the roaches again in the morning and requested different methods to exterminate it. The exterminator had no more tools other then what he has; a spray and bait traps. I would not recommend Orkin unless you have minor problems. I will not be renewing my contract with them."

    - Philip Choivia Google
  • "I've had my regular maintenance service today and o have to say their professionalism and courtesy always exceed my expectations. communication is always seamless and efficient. Sydney demonstrated professionalism throughout the entire process, making me feel confident in their expertise. I highly recommend Orkin for anyone seeking top-notch pest control services."

    - Olga Zhivoglod #YourEmegencyRealtorvia Google
  • "We are happy and grateful for our service from our Orkin technician, Burnon. He is kind, personable, knowledgeable, and really an asset to the team! He has taken care of our needs each time he visits. We are happy with the service and will continue to use Orkin for the foreseeable future."

    - Joy Dvia Google
  • "The representative came on time, and was very pleasant. He did his job, and better, he even explained how we could prevent problems on our own! We learned a lot today! He was kind and brilliant! Thank you so much for your visit – we actually enjoyed it!"

    - Sarah Musvia Google
  • "I've used Orkin for about 6 years now and I think Sydney has been the guy showing up to my house for at least the last 5 of those. He's always so professional and respectful, always putting the little boot covers over his shoes since we never wear shoes inside. In Florida you're pretty much gonna have to deal with ants or roaches at every house, no matter how nice it is so I'm really happy that no matter what comes our way it's going to get handled quickly."

    - Zachary T. Prusoffvia Google

Commonly Asked Questions about Orkin

How often does Orkin come to my house for pest control?

At Orkin in Delray Beach, Florida, we provide regular pest control services to ensure your home remains pest-free. Our team typically visits your house on a quarterly basis, with scheduled appointments every three months.

Is there a fee for getting a quote from Orkin?

Yes, there is a fee for getting a quote from Orkin in Delray Beach, Florida. We charge a nominal fee for our professional inspection and assessment services. However, this fee is applied toward any subsequent pest control treatment that you may choose to proceed with.

When should I expect a decrease in bug infestations?

As a branch of Orkin located in Delray Beach, Florida, we can expect a decrease in bug infestations during the cooler months. This is because bugs tend to be less active in colder temperatures. However, it is important to note that the specific timing of the decrease can vary depending on factors such as the type of pests and the local climate.

Can I use peppermint as a natural bug repellent in my home?

Yes, peppermint can be used as a natural bug repellent in your home in Delray Beach, Florida. Its strong scent is known to deter pests such as ants, spiders, and mosquitoes. Simply place peppermint essential oil or fresh peppermint leaves near entry points or areas where bugs are commonly found. However, it's important to note that while peppermint may help repel bugs, it may not eliminate infestations entirely. For effective pest control, it's recommended to consult with a professional pest control service like Orkin.

What are the scent-based strategies to prevent mice infestation?

At Orkin in Delray Beach, Florida, we offer scent-based strategies to prevent mice infestation. One effective method is using peppermint oil, as mice are known to dislike the strong scent. Placing cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil in areas where mice are likely to enter can deter them from entering your home. Additionally, keeping a clean and scent-free environment, regularly sealing any potential entry points, and storing food in airtight containers can help prevent mice infestations.

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