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Orkin's Premier Pest Control Services in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

For the discerning homeowners of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Orkin stands as a beacon of relief against the distress caused by unwanted pests. With over 120 years of pest control mastery, Orkin's blend of scientific knowledge and localized service ensures your home remains a bastion of comfort and safety. Specialized services like OrkinHeat® and OrkinShield® Rodent Service, alongside our commitment to environmentally responsible treatments, are just some of the reasons why Harrisburg residents choose us for peace of mind in pest control.

Most Recent Reviews

  • "They are prompt and they offer good advice when we have specific problems. I can call them and them will come right out to take care of the problem."

    - via Angieslist
  • "Last quarter was fine the technician has corrected behavior from last time and much more pleasant to deal with now."

    - via Angieslist
  • "They were contracted by the owner of the house that I live in. So, I am not aware of their pricing. I would recommend them."

    - via Angieslist
  • "They come periodically through the year to check my home. I didn't pay them anything for their last visit as I pay them for a year. I would recommend them to others. I would use them again in the future."

    - via Angieslist
  • "Orkin’s Investigators and technician were extremely helpful in quickly diagnosing and treating my home for bedbugs! They gave us clear instructions on preparing our home for treatment, answered our many questions, and were very prompt, communicative, and thorough. There WILL be follow up, and we chose to include a longer term service to insure no critter would be able to plague us for long!"

    - Barbara Giminovia Google

Experience You Can Trust

Harrisburg's unique climate and environment can invite a range of pest control challenges to your doorstep. That's where Orkin's century-plus of experience comes into play. Our services, such as the comprehensive Orkin A.I.M.® approach, ensure that your home is inspected, protected, and reinforced against pests with an unwavering attention to detail and safety.

Orkin's Expertise Over DIY

While DIY solutions might seem cost-effective, professional services like Orkin's offer long-term benefits that far outweigh the initial investment. Our thorough understanding of pest behavior and advanced treatment methods provide a level of efficacy and convenience that DIY simply cannot match.

The Orkin Difference Compared to Others

Unlike other exterminator companies, Orkin's services in Harrisburg are backed by award-winning training programs and a commitment to customer satisfaction that's second to none. Our Orkin Pros are not just exterminators; they're guardians of public health, dedicated to ensuring your home remains free from pests.

Year-Round Vigilance

Pests don't take breaks, and neither do we. Our Seasons of Pest Protection program adapts to the cyclical nature of pest activity in Harrisburg, ensuring your home is safeguarded throughout the changing seasons—from the breeding frenzy in spring to the shelter-seeking invaders of winter.

Bed Bug and Termite Specialists

Bed bugs and termites are formidable foes for any homeowner. Orkin's specialized bed bug and termite control services, such as OrkinHeat® and the Sentricon Bait and Monitoring system, are tailored to address these threats with precision, leaving no room for the pests to thrive.

Orkin's Ironclad Guarantees

With Orkin, satisfaction isn't just promised—it's guaranteed. Our Triple Guarantee ensures a rapid response, reimbursement for fines due to pest infestation, and a 360° satisfaction policy that underscores our confidence in giving you the best service possible.

Serving Harrisburg and Beyond

Our reach extends beyond the heart of Harrisburg to nearby cities like Carlisle, Hershey, and Lebanon. No matter where you are in the region, Orkin's team is ready to deliver exemplary pest control services tailored to the unique challenges of Pennsylvania's diverse landscapes.

Orkin's presence in Harrisburg is more than just a service—it's a partnership with homeowners to maintain the sanctity and comfort of their homes. Trust in the science, trust in the training, and trust in Orkin to keep your home the serene haven it's meant to be.

Commonly Asked Questions about Orkin

Does Orkin charge based on the size of the property for their services?

Yes, Orkin does charge based on the size of the property for their services. The pricing structure takes into account the square footage of the property being treated. This allows Orkin to provide accurate and fair pricing tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

Does Orkin offer a warranty or guarantee that pests will be completely eliminated within a specific time period?

Yes, Orkin offers a guarantee that pests will be completely eliminated within a specific time period. They provide a warranty for their services, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Can I use a bug-repelling spray on outdoor furniture and patio surfaces?

Yes, you can use bug-repelling spray on outdoor furniture and patio surfaces in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It helps to keep pests away and make your outdoor space more enjoyable. Just make sure to follow the instructions on the product label for safe and effective use.

Can the aroma of eucalyptus repel mice?

Yes, the aroma of eucalyptus can repel mice. Mice are known to be sensitive to strong smells, including eucalyptus. Placing eucalyptus leaves or using eucalyptus oil in areas where mice are present may help deter them. However, it is important to note that while eucalyptus can be a natural deterrent, it may not provide complete control or eliminate an existing infestation. Professional pest control services can help in effectively addressing mouse infestations.

Are there any products that guarantee complete roach eradication?

We at Orkin in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, offer effective pest control solutions for roach infestations. While we cannot guarantee complete eradication of roaches, our trained professionals use advanced techniques and products to significantly reduce their population. Our goal is to provide long-term relief from these pests and create a pest-free environment for our customers.

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