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Most Recent Reviews

  • "e to work and top knotch training! I currently work here and have seen some of the unfortunate customers that reviewed negatively and feel sorry that they had a bad experience with our company. I will work to the best of my ability and look forward to servicing some of you!"

    - Ryan Thurmanvia Google
  • "I choose them because of their brand name and guarantees, but what I dislike about them is that they service men are like a revolving door and I never get the same guy twice, so that is why I went down and started using them only twice a year. The last time I had the manager come out and I was complaining to him about the revolving door, so I will see if the manger shows up again then I might change the service provider."

    - via Angieslist
  • "Very professional and friendly. Though, the best part of the service is the technician, Llyod. He is super kind and even stops to play with my dog."

    - Amanda Alongivia Google
  • "I felt very confident when your tech explained to me about your service and how she would make sure everything would be done professionally. And that she reassured me that she would be there every day until every bug was gone. Thank You So much for your service Bishop Russell C Harrington"

    - Russell Harringtonvia Google
  • "Carpenter ant extermination. Extremely pleased! They had a reasonable "first-time" call and Mike, the rep, is exceptionally professional. Before he knocked on my door, he had already identified 3 types of ants that could cause trouble."

    - via Angieslist

Commonly Asked Questions about Orkin

What information do I need to provide when scheduling an appointment with Orkin?

When scheduling an appointment with Orkin in Colona, Illinois, you will need to provide the following information: your name, address, phone number, and a brief description of your pest problem. This will help us efficiently schedule a visit from our professional technicians to address your pest control needs.

Does Orkin offer a satisfaction guarantee for their services?

Yes, Orkin offers a satisfaction guarantee for their services in Colona, Illinois. If you are not completely satisfied with their pest control solutions, they will work with you to address the issue and ensure your satisfaction.

What are the signs of a flea infestation in a house?

Flea infestations in houses can be identified through several signs. These include finding small, dark insects jumping on furniture or pets, noticing red and itchy bites on humans and animals, spotting tiny black specks on bedding or carpets, and observing pets scratching frequently. If you suspect a flea infestation, it is essential to contact a professional pest control company in Colona, Illinois, to effectively eliminate the problem.

Can I wash items in a regular washing machine or do I need a special one?

Yes, you can wash items in a regular washing machine. There is no need for a special one. However, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for the specific items you are washing to ensure proper cleaning and care.

How long should I stay out of my house after fumigation?

After fumigation, it is recommended to stay out of your house for a minimum of four hours. This allows the chemicals to settle and dissipate, ensuring your safety upon re-entry. Additionally, it is advisable to keep windows open for ventilation once you return home.

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