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Orkin Pest Control in Braddock Heights, Maryland: Your Shield Against Pests

Braddock Heights homeowners, experience the difference with Orkin – your local expert in pest control. With over a century of leading the industry, Orkin brings unparalleled expertise right to your doorstep in Braddock Heights, Maryland. Our tailored services, including the Orkin A.I.M.® approach, provide proactive and scientifically backed solutions to safeguard your home against a variety of pests. From common nuisances like ants and mice to the more formidable threats such as termites and bed bugs, Orkin stands ready to serve not only Braddock Heights but also neighboring communities with the same dedication and excellence.

Most Recent Reviews

  • "ely polite and professional. He arrived on time and was very courteous. He also had a lot of knowledge and insight into my current mouse problem. He also addressed my bee allergy and made me feel safer in my home. Before he left he was able to set up another appointment to have my attic taken care of. It has been a long time since I have experienced such professionalism and customer service. Thank you Orkin for taking the time to make my family and our safety, a priority. And I look forward to our future business dealings."

    - Sarah Berkleyvia Google
  • ", Chip is awesome! We’ve had him spray for bugs and remove pesty mice since March of 2018 (we live in the woods so using Orkin is a must). Mice were gone by April with no signs of them returning. He does a great job, super professional and and overall a really nice guy."

    - Amanda Ganoevia Google
  • "This business is outstanding! My technician is Rick and I’m extremely happy with him. He is knowledgeable and happy to explain everything. Rick goes above and bring his job and I feel like he is a friend. More important he has been effective with every visit. I can’t say enough good things about Rick ands he has formed my positive opinion of the business single-handedly In addition to Rick, My wife spoke to Scott and she appreciated his forthright communication regarding the business. A third employee who handled the scheduling has also been phenomenal. Great business. Will recommend to others!!"

    - Brian Dorseyvia Google
  • "I recently had the pleasure of working with Ted from Orkin for a pest control issue. His excellent customer service, punctuality, and overall professionalism made the experience a breeze. Ted's expertise and friendly demeanor set a high standard for service. I highly recommend Ted and Orkin for anyone in need of reliable pest control solutions"

    - Heathvia Google
  • "sfied with my new customer inspection and treatment. Both the Inspector, Lance and the man who treated my home who’s name I’ve forgotten; were perfect gentlemen! They made sure to make me aware of any and all preventative treatment they can do for me to help keep my home free of pests. They even knocked down spider webs that I’ve been to chicken to clean! I won’t be calling anyone else to spray and protect my home in the future. Orkin has my business for life."

    - Alexandra Whitakervia Google

Why Choose Orkin for Your Home?

Orkin's legacy of pest control spans more than 120 years, offering Braddock Heights homeowners peace of mind with our comprehensive pest management services. Our Orkin Pros are not just exterminators; they are highly trained pest specialists equipped with advanced tools and methods to tackle any pest problem you face, both inside and outside your home.

When you partner with Orkin, you're choosing a service that's backed by science and customized to your unique situation. We understand that each home is different, and so are the pest challenges it faces. That's why our treatments, such as the Orkin A.I.M.® process, are designed to assess, implement, and monitor pest activities tailored to the specific needs of your home. Our commitment to excellence is also reflected in our Orkin Guarantee, ensuring you're satisfied with our services.

Expertise and Training: The Orkin Edge

Orkin stands apart in the industry due to our rigorous training programs and extensive expertise. Orkin Pros undergo 160 hours of targeted training. This education is not just academic; it involves real-world applications that prepare our team to identify, tackle, and prevent pest issues with the utmost efficiency.

Our state-of-the-art Rollins Learning Center in Atlanta is a testament to our commitment to leading the industry in pest control techniques. It's this level of dedication to training and knowledge that elevates our Pros to the top of their field, ensuring your home in Braddock Heights receives the best care possible.

Customized Solutions for Every Home

At Orkin, we don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our integrated pest management (IPM) strategy is tailored to the specific needs of your home. Whether it's termite protection with Sentricon® systems, moisture control with OrkinDryZone®, or our comprehensive mosquito treatment plans, every service is designed to address the unique challenges you face.

Seasonality of Pests in Braddock Heights

Braddock Heights homeowners know that pests can be a year-round nuisance. Our Seasons of Pest Protection program is tailored to the area's climate and seasonal pest patterns, ensuring that your home is prepared and protected throughout the year, from the shelter-seeking rodents in winter to the swarming insects in spring.

Health Hazards and Pest Control

Pests are more than just a nuisance; they carry health risks that can affect your family and pets. Orkin's methods are not only effective but also environmentally responsible, focusing on the least possible impact to humans and non-target organisms. This approach is essential in maintaining the safety and health of your Braddock Heights home.

Comparing Orkin to the Competition

When it comes to pest control in Braddock Heights, you have options. But Orkin's century-plus experience, award-winning training program, and commitment to customer satisfaction set us apart. While DIY methods and other pest control services may offer temporary relief, Orkin provides long-term solutions and a 30-day money back guarantee that emphasizes our confidence in our services.

Smart Pest Control for Braddock Heights

Braddock Heights is home to a variety of pests, from ants and spiders to more region-specific nuisances like stink bugs. Orkin's Pros are well-versed in the local pest landscape and use their expertise to develop strategic plans to manage and prevent these common pests from becoming a larger issue in your home.

Choose Orkin in Braddock Heights, Maryland, for a pest-free home and the peace of mind that comes with a trusted partner in pest control. Our team is ready to address your concerns with tailored solutions that reflect our commitment to quality, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. Let Orkin be your shield against pests in Braddock Heights and beyond.

Commonly Asked Questions about Orkin

Can Orkin handle cockroach infestations?

Yes, we handle cockroach infestations in Braddock Heights, Maryland. Our professional team is equipped to effectively eliminate and prevent cockroach problems. We have extensive experience and utilize advanced techniques to address infestations, ensuring a pest-free environment for our customers.

Is fly control by Orkin safe for pets and children?

Yes, fly control by Orkin is safe for pets and children. Our methods prioritize the safety of your loved ones while effectively eliminating flies. We use environmentally friendly products and follow industry best practices to mitigate any risks. Rest assured, your family's well-being is our top priority.

How do I seal my dryer vent to keep bugs out?

To seal your dryer vent and keep bugs out in Braddock Heights, Maryland, you can use aluminum foil tape or silicone caulk. Start by disconnecting the dryer vent from the wall and cleaning it thoroughly. Next, apply the tape or caulk to seal any gaps or openings around the vent. Ensure a tight seal to prevent insects from entering. Lastly, reattach the vent securely and test for any leaks.

Are there any specific tree leaves that bugs hate?

As a pest control company serving Braddock Heights, Maryland, we can inform you that there are certain tree leaves bugs tend to dislike. For example, bugs such as mosquitoes and flies are generally repelled by the strong scent of eucalyptus leaves. Additionally, citronella leaves are known for their bug-repelling properties, particularly against mosquitoes. Planting these types of trees or leaves in your yard may help deter bugs.

Do mice nest inDo mice nest in or near beds?

Yes, mice can nest in or near beds. They are skilled at finding warm and cozy places to build their nests, and beds provide the perfect environment for them. It is important to take preventive measures such as keeping a clean and tidy bedroom to reduce the chances of mice nesting in or near beds.

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