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Orkin: Ann Arbor's Premier Pest Control Specialist

Ann Arbor residents seeking professional pest control services can rely on Orkin's century-plus legacy of excellence and innovation. Orkin's comprehensive pest management solutions, including the Orkin A.I.M.® process, are tailored to the unique needs of homeowners in Michigan. From termite control with Orkin DryZone® to mosquito treatments that curb summer infestations, Orkin offers Ann Arborites scientifically-backed methods and unrivaled expertise.

Most Recent Reviews

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    - Omar Jawfivia Google
  • "The technician that comes to my house is great! He always asks if there are any areas I am specifically concerned about and remembers from one time to the next what my focus was the last time. He is very nice, and always gets in and out quickly, apologizing for bothering me (which he never does). The service itself is very accommodating, never giving me a hard time if I have to switch dates or need an extra application due to seasonal infestations."

    - Denise Altervia Google
  • "Just had our 1st application to get rid of moles. The salesman, Pavel came out, checked our lawn and gave us a quote. We were assured a repeat application would be done if the 1st application showed no change. We also are getting the mosquito treatment. It was rescheduled due to rain. We are hopeful these applications will allow us to once again enjoy our yard."

    - Helen Kotwickivia Google
  • "Leshawn was my technician and very professional. He came by and assessed the situation and provided the necessary treatment. Leshawn was also very nice and further did his job by explaining what he did and what I would need to do going forward."

    - DaVonne Darbyvia Google
  • "This service is superior! I was pleased! Even with a cluttered house they were able to get the problem under control! Eventually they will be gone."

    - Shirley Temple Bickerstaff Woodsvia Google

Orkin: A Tradition of Trust in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor's pristine environment is not just attractive to its residents; pests find it equally inviting. Orkin stands ready with a suite of services designed to protect homes from unwanted guests. With the Orkin Guarantee, homeowners are assured of satisfaction, backed by 120 years of industry leadership in pest control. Orkin's team of experts, trained for over 160 hours, harness the most advanced tools and techniques to ensure a pest-free home.

Why Choose Orkin Over DIY?

DIY pest control may seem cost-effective, but the risks and inefficiencies often outweigh the benefits. Professional exterminators like Orkin provide expertise and resources that ensure long-term solutions to pest problems. Orkin's Pros understand the science behind pests' behaviors and use this knowledge to implement strategic, targeted treatment plans that are both effective and environmentally responsible.

Orkin Versus The Competition

Orkin distinguishes itself from other pest control companies with its deep roots in science and a commitment to education. Unlike competitors, Orkin's partnership with respected institutions and dedication to ongoing training ensures that their specialists are equipped to handle any pest dilemma with the latest advancements in the field.

The Orkin Science and Training Edge

At the heart of Orkin's success is the science that informs every treatment plan and the rigorous training each technician undergoes. Orkin's entomologists lead the industry in developing cutting-edge pest control treatments, which Orkin Pros apply with precision and care in your home.

Tailored Pest Control for Ann Arborites

Homeowners in Ann Arbor may face a range of pest-related issues, from invasive rodents as autumn sets in to swarms of mosquitoes in the humid Michigan summers. Orkin's plans are designed with Ann Arbor's seasonal pest patterns in mind, ensuring proactive and reactive solutions year-round.

Protecting Your Home from Michigan Pests

Ann Arbor is known for its diverse seasons, each bringing its own pest challenges. The Shelter Season sees pests seeking warmth in your home, while the High Season of summer brings active pests out in full force. Orkin's Seasonal Pest Protection aligns with these cycles to shield your home no matter the season.

Safeguarding Your Home Inside and Out

Whether it's warding off indoor nuisances like bed bugs and termites or managing outdoor invaders such as ticks and mosquitoes, Orkin's comprehensive pest control solutions cover all bases. Orkin's Wildlife Management service also offers humane treatments for larger critters, ensuring your Ann Arbor home remains an exclusive haven for you and your family.

Orkin's Community Commitment in Ann Arbor

Orkin's dedication goes beyond individual homes; their commercial offerings provide Ann Arbor businesses with the same level of pest protection. With specific programs like Food Safety Precision Protection® and expertly crafted service plans for various industries, Orkin ensures that local businesses can serve their customers in a pest-free environment.

In the vicinity of Ann Arbor, including Ypsilanti, Dexter, and Saline, Orkin's reach extends to ensure that the broader community benefits from their superior pest management services. When it comes to safeguarding your home or business from the unique challenges posed by Michigan's diverse pest population, Orkin's legacy of trust and innovation makes them the clear choice for residents and business owners alike.

Commonly Asked Questions about Orkin

What is the process of a termite inspection by Orkin?

At Orkin in Ann Arbor, Michigan, our termite inspection process begins with a thorough evaluation of the property. Our trained professionals inspect both the interior and exterior of the premises, including basements, crawl spaces, attics, and other potential termite-prone areas. By using advanced technology and years of experience, we identify any signs of termite activity or potential risks. If termites are found, we will provide a detailed report outlining the extent of the infestation and recommend appropriate treatment options.

Does Orkin offer integrated pest management strategies for flea control?

We offer integrated pest management strategies for flea control in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our methods focus on reducing the use of pesticides and implementing preventive measures to manage flea infestations effectively. Our trained professionals will assess the situation, develop a customized plan, and employ a combination of techniques to address the issue. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to provide comprehensive pest control solutions for our customers.

Should I sanitize my closet after bed bug treatment?

Yes, it is recommended to sanitize your closet after bed bug treatment to ensure that any remaining bed bugs or eggs are eliminated. Cleaning and sanitizing the closet will help prevent a re-infestation. Be sure to thoroughly vacuum and wipe down all surfaces, including shelves, walls, and clothing. Additionally, wash and dry all clothing and bedding on high heat to kill any bed bugs or eggs.

Can food sources or improper storage attract mice suddenly?

Yes, food sources or improper storage can attract mice suddenly. Mice are attracted to areas with easily accessible food, such as kitchens or pantries. They can be drawn to unsealed food packages or crumbs left on countertops. It is important to properly store food in airtight containers and maintain cleanliness to reduce the risk of a mouse infestation.

Will the pest spray leave any residue inWill the pest spray leave any residue in the house?

Yes, our pest spray may leave a minimal residue in the house. However, rest assured that we use professional-grade products that are designed to be safe and effective. Our technicians take great care to minimize any potential residue and ensure the treatment is applied in a targeted manner to control pests.

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