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Orkin Pest Control: Your Trusted Partner in Durham, North Carolina

In the charming city of Durham, North Carolina, homeowners seeking peace of mind and protection from pests find a reliable ally in **Orkin**. With over a century of experience and a solid commitment to education, public health, and environmental responsibility, Orkin stands out as an exemplary pest control service provider. The diverse array of services, from termite treatment to wildlife management, is tailored to the unique seasonal pest challenges of Durham, ensuring your home remains a sanctuary free of unwelcome guests.

Most Recent Reviews

  • "n care of our homes in California and North Carolina. The customer service is excellent. Our regular service technician is amazing, so friendly and always a wealth of information when I have questions. 5 stars and 2 thumbs way up...would highly recommend!"

    - K. Spiniellovia Google
  • "Roy comes every other month without fail and treats an outbuilding that was popular with the local field mice. No more surprises when I head out there! Roy is friendly and efficient, and the whole process takes almost zero effort on my part."

    - Maria Spicervia Google
  • "Lance was so awesome! Called for appointment and came the very next day! He was very friendly, thorough, and professional. He went above and beyond getting my dino fridge out, but he did it! Thank you Orkin and Lance! You have a customer for life! Highly recommended!!"

    - Patricia Kerinsvia Google
  • "December 2023 I contacted Orkin about a ? problem. The representative (who was so sweet) on the phone assured me that, after 3 visits the issue would be resolved and/or; I would receive my money back guaranteed. She was right! The issue was eliminated the first time they came and set up the traps and sprayed. I’m truly impressed and relieved at the same time. Today (3/23/24) was Orkin 3rd visit and everything was great! A big thank you to employee Rodney Surratt he is so awesome! He was just as excited as I was about not seeing anymore pests. He does his job effectively and efficiently. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is having problems with pest, insects or etc. Thank you Orkin!"

    - Ashleyvia Google
  • "experience with Orkin. They were able to schedule someone to come out within 24hrs of my initial call. The technician called and let me know that they were able to come out earlier than scheduled so I wasn’t waiting around all day and he was very professional and knowledgeable about how to treat my problem. Great customer service all around!"

    - Cortney Francisvia Google

Your Local Experts in Pest Management

For Durham residents, professional pest control is not just about dealing with an infestation; it's about ensuring the comfort and safety of your home year-round. With Orkin's team of highly trained professionals and state-of-the-art treatments, you can trust that your pest issues will be handled with precision and care.

Orkin’s comprehensive service offerings, like the A.I.M.® approach and the Orkin Guarantee, provide Durham homeowners with not only expert extermination but also with education to prevent future infestations. Seasonal pest control plans like the Seasons of Pest Protection adapt to the specific challenges that each season brings to North Carolina.

Professional Extermination vs. DIY

Embarking on DIY pest control can be tempting, but without the expertise and resources of a professional service like Orkin, homeowners in Durham may find themselves facing recurrent or inadequately addressed pest problems. Orkin's team brings an unmatched level of knowledge and advanced, science-backed solutions to ensure effective and sustainable pest control.

Orkin vs. The Competition

When comparing Orkin to other pest control companies, it's clear that Orkin’s century-plus of experience and the Orkin Man’s legendary reputation for reliability set it apart. The company's commitment to innovation and eco-friendly solutions, combined with a steadfast focus on customer satisfaction, make Orkin a leader in the pest control industry.

The Science of Pest Control

Orkin's approach is deeply rooted in science. With board-certified entomologists and training programs recognized by magazines like Training, Orkin Pros are equipped with insights into pest behavior, leading to more effective treatment plans tailored to the specific needs of your home in Durham.

A Year-Round Commitment to Pest-Free Living

Durham homeowners face a variety of pests, from the wood-damaging termites to the health-threatening mosquitoes. Seasonal changes can invite different pests into your home, and Orkin's year-round pest control services ensure protection against all of them.

Your Partners in Pest Management

Residents in nearby cities to Durham, including Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Cary, can also benefit from Orkin’s services. Whether you're dealing with indoor nuisances like silverfish and cockroaches or outdoor menaces like mosquitoes and ticks, Orkin has a solution.

With Orkin, you get more than just an exterminator—you get a dedicated team committed to keeping your home safe and comfortable. Schedule your appointment today and experience the Orkin difference for yourself.

Commonly Asked Questions about Orkin

What documentation is required to receive the military discount from Orkin?

To receive the military discount from Orkin in Durham, North Carolina, you would need to provide valid military documentation. The required documentation may include a military ID card or discharge papers. Please bring these documents with you when requesting the discount.

Can Orkin provide advice on mouse-proofing your home?

Sure, we can provide advice on mouse-proofing your home in Durham, North Carolina. One effective method is to seal any gaps or cracks in your home's foundation, walls, and windows, as mice can easily squeeze through small openings. Additionally, keep your home clean and tidy, as mice are attracted to food and clutter. Finally, consider using mouse traps or calling a professional pest control service for assistance.

Is there anything I need to remove or cover up before the mouse exterminator arrives?

Before our mouse exterminator arrives, there is no specific requirement for you to remove or cover up anything in your home. However, it is generally recommended to clear any clutter or items that may obstruct the technician's access to potential problem areas. By doing so, you can help facilitate a smooth and effective inspection and treatment process.

Do bugs hide and then reappear after an exterminator sprays?

Yes, bugs may temporarily hide and then reappear after an exterminator sprays. They may retreat to hidden areas and come out again once the chemicals have dissipated. However, the effectiveness of the treatment should greatly reduce their population and activity.

Can I do bug spraying myself or should I hire a professional?

While *our company* offers professional bug spraying services in Durham, North Carolina, it is possible to do it yourself. However, hiring a professional ensures a thorough and effective treatment, especially for severe infestations or hard-to-reach areas. We recommend consulting with our experts to determine the best course of action for your specific pest control needs.

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