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Orkin Pest Control: Your Trusted Partner in Ada, Ohio

For residents of Ada, Ohio, experiencing the tranquility of home without the disruption of pests is paramount. Orkin, with its century-plus legacy of pest control expertise, offers unparalleled service to ensure your household remains a sanctuary against unwanted critters. With a suite of services from termite control to wildlife management, Orkin stands ready to resolve any pest issue, delivering peace of mind with scientifically backed solutions and a deeply trained team of professionals.

Most Recent Reviews

  • "We were given a time period that the Orkin tech would arrive. He actually showed up early. We appreciated that. Dalton was thorough. He explained what he was going to do. He was persistent in solving the problem. He did an excellent job. He was very personable. We haven't seen any bees!"

    - Pat Motevia Google
  • "We are so lucky to have Orkid! And all of the employees have been top notch. I will say though Kyra is the best!! So friendly and understanding. Amazing people person, and absolutely professional. I am typically the one that is running late to open the door or what have you. But she is always on time. And she never minds. Does such a thorough job. Goes above and beyond. And if there’s something I need done extra that can’t be done in that appointment, she will get me scheduled as soon as possible to come back. We’re so lucky to have Orkid. They’ve helped with our pest issues, but we continue to work with them to stay up on any future issues just in case. Amazing company with wonderful employees. Five stars. Would recommend."

    - Natasha Dunnvia Google
  • "We have seen a dramatic drop in spiders and creepy crawly things since Orkin has been treating our home. We love that it is natural and safe to our dog. Dalton the technician has a teaching spirit about him and very professional and courteous. It has been a wonderful experience from start to finish."

    - jimmyjr731via Google
  • "rkin services at several of our homes. Friendly and dependable. We pay monthly and they have always returned if we've had issues...no questions asked. Thank you Ryan, Corrie, and the girls at the office."

    - Mary Herzogvia Google
  • "They were efficient, effective, and informative. The technician was friendly, patient, and willing to answer many questions throughout the process."

    - Rhonda Schalowvia Google

Orkin: A Century of Pest Control Excellence in Ada

Homeowners in Ada face unique pest challenges throughout the year, but Orkin's extensive history of dealing with pests means they're well-equipped to handle anything from the common ant to the more insidious termite. Orkin's commitment to training, environmental responsibility, and public health makes them the go-to for pest issues in Ada and the surrounding Ohio communities.

Orkin's Expertise and Training

Orkin's expertise is backed by rigorous training and advanced technology. Technicians receive over 160 hours of training, ensuring they're prepared to tackle any pest problem with precision. Orkin's approach combines a deep understanding of pest behavior with cutting-edge treatment methods, ensuring effective and environmentally responsible solutions.

Commercial and Residential Pest Control

Whether it's your home or your business, Orkin offers tailored solutions to address your specific needs. From the Seasons of Pest Protection plan to targeted treatments for termites and bed bugs, Orkin's services are designed to deliver peace of mind year-round. For businesses in Ada, Orkin's commercial offerings ensure that your facilities remain free of pests that could harm your operations or reputation.

Proactive Pest Protection

Orkin's proactive measures go beyond mere extermination. Their Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs focus on preventing issues before they start, using environmentally conscious practices. This strategic approach emphasizes the importance of maintenance and sanitation, offering homeowners and business owners in Ada a smart way to combat pests.

The Seasonality of Pests in Ada

Pests don't take a break, and neither does Orkin. With pest activity varying throughout the year, Orkin's Season of Pest Protection adapts to seasonal pest behavior, ensuring your home or business is defended against the specific threats of each season in Ada.

Customized Solutions for Every Home

Orkin understands that no two homes are alike. That's why they offer customized pest management plans, designed to address the unique challenges and needs of your home in Ada. Orkin's personalized approach ensures the most effective treatments are used to protect your home and loved ones.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With Orkin's Triple Guarantee, you can rest assured that you're not just receiving a service, but a promise. If you're not satisfied with the results, Orkin is committed to making it right, demonstrating their dedication to customer satisfaction and trust.

As Orkin continues to serve the Ada community and nearby cities like Kenton, Lima, and Findlay, Ohio, homeowners can take comfort in knowing they have a powerful ally in pest control. Whether you're dealing with indoor nuisances or outdoor pest threats, Orkin's comprehensive services and expertise are just a call away, ready to safeguard your home against unwelcome visitors.

Commonly Asked Questions about Orkin

Can I cancel the Orkin guarantee before it expires?

Yes, you can cancel the Orkin guarantee before it expires. Please contact our customer service department for assistance.

Does Orkin offer a guarantee for tick removal?

Yes, we offer a guarantee for tick removal in Ada, Ohio. Our trained professionals use effective methods to eliminate ticks from your property. *We are confident in our services and offer a guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction.

What might be causing a sudden surge in centipedes in my house?

We are experiencing a sudden surge of centipedes in our house in Ada, Ohio. The possible causes of this increase could include changes in weather, such as heavy rain or humidity, which attract these pests indoors in search of shelter. Additionally, cracks or gaps in the foundation or walls of the house can provide entry points for centipedes. Regular pest control measures and sealing of potential entry points can help mitigate this issue.

Should I focus on deep cleaning or regular cleaning to keep bugs away?

In Ada, Ohio, regular cleaning is essential to keep bugs away. By maintaining a clean home, you eliminate potential food sources and hiding spots for pests. However, deep cleaning can also be beneficial, especially in hard-to-reach areas where pests may hide. Striking a balance between regular cleaning and occasional deep cleaning can help prevent bug infestations.

Which pest requires the most frequent pest control treatments in homes?

In Ada, Ohio, the most frequent pest that requires our pest control treatments in homes is the common house mouse. These tiny rodents can quickly multiply and cause significant damage to property and transmit diseases. Our team of professionals is experienced in effectively eliminating and preventing mouse infestations through regular treatments and comprehensive pest management plans.

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