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Secure Your Wilkes Barre Home with Orkin's Expert Pest Control Services

Residents of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Orkin's century-plus legacy of pest control excellence. As a leader in the pest management industry, Orkin offers scientifically-backed solutions to keep your home pest-free. From the intricacies of termite control to the nuisances of seasonal pests, Orkin's highly-trained professionals deliver unmatched expertise right to your doorstep. With an array of services like OrkinHeat® and OrkinShield® Rodent Service, homeowners in Wilkes Barre and surrounding communities like Kingston and Edwardsville can trust Orkin to protect their most valuable asset—their home.

Most Recent Reviews

  • "a great job. They were very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend them for any pest control."

    - Lori Steevesvia Google
  • "cing roaches in abundance all at one time...and may I add I'm in the second floor of an apartment building and they came and exterminated on Friday and it's Monday and I woke up to not seeing one...I'm very pleased with the service I am receiving with them and am more than satisfied thus far...I have been here ten years and only ever had to deal with mice...so for roaches to appear out of nowhere was a shock but my neighbors are constantly moving new people in and out...well let them deal with their home Invaders I passed along the info from orkin and hopefully they use my advice...but I feel secure in saying with orkin and prevention I am bug free as of now!!!!"

    - Justine Barbervia Google
  • "The people who came to my house were excellent. They were very knowledgeable and informative. Very hard-working and also personable. The woman who sprayed for the hornets did an excellent job. I haven’t seen any hornets since yesterday. The phone sales people were helpful, but they sold me a package I didn’t need. They made it seem like a year long package was the only option. I really only need a follow up but I am stuck with a whole year."

    - Margaret Tunneyvia Google
  • "tment was good and the next treatment the young man used spray cans .not what we expected for 1000 dollars. We had to call and have another treatment"

    - Melissa Majorvia Google
  • "Reached out to get a inspection for a squirrel running around in my walls and to get a insect spray treatment for preventative maintenance. To Representatives showed up at exactly 9:00 one morning from different divisions and provided great service and great info and we're extremely friendly outside of conversations of their profession. Sprayed inside and outside of my house for bugs and insects and provided information on getting rid of that damn squirrel. Very professional knowledgeable and recommended to those who seek similar services. Tom and Christian are representing their company very professionally and Orkin should be glad to have them on their teams. Seems like they are very busy and cover a lot of area great work ethics."

    - Jeffery McCarthyvia Google

Experience and Expertise at Your Service

Wilkes Barre homeowners seeking professional pest control need look no further than Orkin. With over 120 years of experience and a team of highly trained technicians, Orkin stands out as a trusted partner in protecting your home against pests. The Orkin experience is more than just extermination; it’s a commitment to customer education, public health, and environmental responsibility.

Each Orkin Pro receives extensive training, ensuring they’re not only proficient in pest elimination but also in preventing future infestations. The Orkin A.I.M.® approach—Assess, Implement, Monitor—allows technicians to craft targeted solutions that are both effective and environmentally conscientious. This scientific methodology, coupled with the Orkin Guarantee, assures homeowners that their investment in pest control is backed by a promise of quality and reliability.

When Pests Come Calling: Local Challenges

Wilkes Barre’s diverse climate presents unique pest challenges throughout the year. Homeowners may contend with termites gnawing away at wooden structures, or mosquitoes breeding in standing water during warmer months. Winter pushes rodents to seek shelter indoors, while springtime sees a surge in ant populations. No matter the season, Orkin’s year-round pest protection services safeguard Wilkes Barre homes against these unwelcome guests.

The Orkin Advantage Over DIY Methods

While DIY pest control might seem cost-effective, it often falls short compared to professional services. Orkin’s Pros possess the knowledge to identify the root of the problem, use the latest technology, and apply treatments safely and effectively. Homeowners save time and avoid the trial-and-error of DIY solutions, ensuring that pest issues are resolved quickly and thoroughly.

Setting the Standard in Pest Control

Orkin’s dedication to superior service and customer satisfaction sets it apart from other exterminator companies. The company’s Triple Guarantee ensures a rapid response to service requests, reimbursement for regulatory fines due to pest infestations, and comprehensive satisfaction guarantees. Orkin’s commitment to excellence empowers homeowners to trust that their pest problems will be managed with the utmost professionalism and care.

The Science Behind Orkin Pest Control

Behind every Orkin service is a foundation of scientific research and innovation. Board-certified entomologists and industry-leading training programs ensure that every technician is equipped with the knowledge to tackle any pest issue. This scientific backing not only bolsters the effectiveness of Orkin’s treatments but also reinforces the company’s environmentally responsible approach to pest management.

Custom Solutions for Wilkes Barre Residents

Orkin understands that each home has its unique pest pressures. As such, Orkin offers customized solutions to meet the specific needs of Wilkes Barre homeowners. From OrkinHeat® treatments that eradicate bed bugs without chemicals to the Orkin ComfortZone® service that addresses common household pests, there’s a personalized plan for every situation. Orkin’s Wildlife Management services also provide humane and effective solutions for the removal of larger nuisance animals that can invade Wilkes Barre homes.

Pest-Free Peace of Mind

Choosing Orkin means entrusting your home to pest control professionals who are as invested in the safety and integrity of your living space as you are. With Orkin, homeowners in Wilkes Barre can rest assured that their pest control needs are in the hands of experts dedicated to delivering a pest-free peace of mind.

Commonly Asked Questions about Orkin

What is the process for filing a warranty claim with Orkin?

To file a warranty claim with Orkin in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, simply contact our branch location in the city. We will guide you through the process and assist you in resolving any pest-related issues covered under your warranty.

What are the fees associated with Orkin's pest removal services?

Our branch location in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania offers pest removal services. The fees associated with our services can vary depending on factors such as the type of pest, the severity of the infestation, and the size of the property. We recommend contacting us directly to schedule a consultation and receive a personalized quote.

Can dried exterminator spray cause eye irritation or discomfort?

As an exterminator in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, we understand that dried exterminator spray can potentially cause eye irritation or discomfort. It is important to take precautions and avoid direct contact with the spray. If eye irritation occurs, it is recommended to rinse the affected eye with clean water and seek medical attention if necessary. Safety is our top priority, and we always advise following the instructions provided by the manufacturer to minimize any potential risks.

Are there any natural remedies or repellents that can keep mice away?

We do not recommend relying solely on natural remedies or repellents to keep mice away. While there are some options such as peppermint oil or vinegar that may have limited effectiveness, they are not guaranteed to solve the problem. It is always best to consult with a professional pest control company like ours in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, to ensure proper and effective mouse control strategies are implemented.

Does maintaining cleanliness help prevent bug infestations?

Maintaining cleanliness can help prevent bug infestations in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. By regularly cleaning and removing food sources, you can reduce the attractiveness of your space to pests. Additionally, proper sanitation practices can deter bugs from infesting your property. However, it's important to note that some pests may still find their way in, and in such cases, it's best to contact a professional pest control service for effective treatment.

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