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How To Identify Moths

Moths exhibit a wide array of appearances, but they typically share several distinctive features. These insects are characterized by their flattened bodies covered in scales, which give them their trademark powdery or furry appearance. Moths come in various sizes, with wingspans ranging from just a few millimeters to over a foot in some species. Their wings often sport intricate patterns and colors, which can vary from drab and earth-toned camouflage to vibrant and striking hues, depending on the species. Moths usually have large, membranous wings that are held flat when at rest, in contrast to butterflies that often fold their wings vertically. Their antennae are notable, often feathery or thread-like, and serve as essential sensory organs for detecting pheromones and environmental cues.

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A Peck's Skipper Moth sitting on a leaf.

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Moth Research

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