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Orkin Pest Control: Your Trusted Partner in Columbia, Missouri

In the vibrant city of Columbia, Missouri, homeowners have a trusted ally in their fight against pests—Orkin. With over 120 years of experience and a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the unique challenges of Midwestern homes, Orkin stands out as the premier choice for pest control solutions. Whether you're dealing with seasonal invaders or year-round nuisances, Orkin's science-backed methods and dedicated team of trained professionals are equipped to bring you peace of mind and a pest-free living environment.

Most Recent Reviews

  • "Kenyetta is great and found we have brown recluse and said we needed an inspection and is having someone come out today in the next hour. So thankful for her going above beyond knowing how serious this issue is. Look forward to seeing her in the future."

    - Jayme Aquinovia Google
  • "today for our monthly service, and as always, he goes above and beyond to make sure we get the best service possible. He is very well educated in what he does and explains it all step by step and takes it a step further by also treating us as people... not clients! I always enjoy our conversations. 6/5!!"

    - zell971via Google
  • "We have only had a couple of issues but they were very good about getting everything fixed and definitely made up for everything! I definitely recommend their services!"

    - Olivia Kyservia Google
  • "I rarely give 5 stars. When I do, it is for exceptional all around service. While the service was very good and the people were very polite, there were a few things that could use a bit of work. For example, when I called for service I was told it was going to need 2 applications 2 weeks apart due to the life cycle of the pests. Okay, no problem. I wasn't told when would be the best time to call to schedule the 2nd treatment. I should have known, since I live about 1 1/2 to 2 hours from the office, that I should have called right away after the 1st treatment. When I called, the scheduling lady was unable to give me a date within the 2 week time frame. She said that she would have Roy, the Manager, call me back to schedule my appointment. Ok, no problem. Roy called and made the appointment for Wednesday at 3pm. Later that day, I received an automated reminder for Wednesday morning. Wait, what!! So I had to call them back to make sure the appointment was for Wednesday afternoon. They said there were no openings for Wednesday afternoon. The appointment was then made for Friday afternoon. Well, I am going to stop there. I think you get the idea. So much unnecessary confusion. My 2nd visit was yesterday. So, we shall see if the pests are actually gone or if Orkin will need to come back..."

    - Brenda Nolandvia Google
  • "Kenyetta came to my house and was amazing! she knew exactly how to fix my bug problems. Kenyetta is friendly, efficient, and gets the job done quickly! I would like to request her to do all of my services."

    - Katherine Jaggervia Google

Experience the Orkin Difference in Columbia

Columbia residents know that the changing seasons bring a variety of pest control issues that can disrupt the comfort of their homes. From the stealthy termites that threaten the structural integrity of your property to the irritating mosquitoes that enjoy the city's summer humidity, Orkin has the expertise to address these challenges head-on. With a name synonymous with reliability and effectiveness, Orkin's customized solutions, like the Orkin A.I.M.® approach, ensure that every aspect of your pest problem is handled with precision and care.

Expertise and Training: The Backbone of Orkin Services

Orkin's reputation is built on the foundation of unparalleled expertise and rigorous technician training. Orkin Pros, backed by the Orkin Training Center's innovative programs, deliver a level of service that goes beyond the average exterminator. Homeowners in Columbia can trust that their pest issues will be managed by specialists who are not only adept at the latest pest control techniques but are also well-versed in the specific pest pressures of the region.

Customized Solutions for Every Home

Orkin understands that every home in Columbia is unique, and so are its pest control needs. Whether you require proactive measures like the OrkinShield® Rodent Service or are in need of Orkin's specialized Bed Bug Treatment, Orkin's tailored plans are designed to fit the exact requirements of your home. This personalized approach, coupled with their commitment to environmental responsibility, ensures that your pest control solution is effective and mindful of your family's health and the local ecosystem.

A Season for Every Pest

In Columbia, the changing seasons dictate pest activity. Orkin's Seasons of Pest Protection program anticipates these shifts, providing targeted treatments that address the specific behaviors and habitats of pests throughout the year. This strategic approach guarantees that whether it's the Shelter Season of winter or the High Season of summer, your home is fortified against unwanted visitors.

The Assurance of Orkin's Guarantee

Homeowners in Columbia can choose Orkin with confidence, knowing that their satisfaction is backed by a robust guarantee. If you're not completely happy with the results of Orkin's services, their promise of complimentary follow-up visits ensures that your pest problem is resolved to your standards. This dedication to customer satisfaction is just one of the many reasons why Columbia residents continue to rely on Orkin for their pest control needs.

Beyond Columbia: Serving Neighboring Communities

Orkin's expertise isn't limited to just Columbia. Their comprehensive pest control services extend to nearby cities such as Jefferson City and Fulton, providing the same level of exceptional service and customer care. No matter where you are in the region, Orkin is ready to assist you with your pest management challenges.

Choose Orkin for a pest-free home in Columbia, Missouri, and experience the peace of mind that comes with the best in the business. Call Orkin today to set up an appointment and take the first step towards reclaiming your home from pests.

Commonly Asked Questions about Orkin

How long does the Orkin warranty last?

Our Orkin branch in Columbia, Missouri offers a warranty that lasts for one year.

What is the cost of yellow jacket treatment from Orkin?

At Orkin in Columbia, Missouri, we offer yellow jacket treatment services. The cost of our treatments may vary depending on the severity of the infestation and the size of the property. We recommend contacting our team for a personalized quote. Our experienced technicians will assess your situation and provide an effective solution to eliminate yellow jackets from your property.

Can bed bugs be transported through clean luggage or belongings?

Bed bugs can be transported through clean luggage or belongings. They can easily hide in clothing, bags, or other items and hitch a ride to a new location. It is important to inspect and treat your belongings carefully to prevent the spread of bed bugs.

Is the duration of roach treatment with Orkin the same for all types of roaches?

The duration of roach treatment with Orkin may vary depending on the type of roaches present. Some species may require multiple treatments over a longer period of time to fully eliminate the infestation. We recommend contacting Orkin in Columbia, Missouri for a thorough inspection and personalized treatment plan suited to your specific roach problem.

Can bugs infest the laundry room through the dryer vent?

Yes, bugs can infest the laundry room through the dryer vent. They can crawl through the vent openings and make their way into the laundry room. It is important to regularly clean and maintain the dryer vent to prevent this from happening.

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