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Orkin: Your Dover, Idaho Pest Control Experts

For residents of Dover, Idaho, and the surrounding communities, Orkin stands as your trusted ally in the battle against pests. With a rich history spanning over 120 years and a commitment to science, innovation, and education, Orkin offers unparalleled pest control services. Our team of highly-trained technicians brings peace of mind to homeowners, employing state-of-the-art methods and a profound understanding of local pest challenges to protect your most valuable asset—your home.

Most Recent Reviews

  • "good, they’re exterminators are Amazing! David so kind and efficient! He’s always speedy to get to us,for an Unscheduled appointment, when pests show up! ONE OF THE BEST INVESTMENTS I’VE EVER MADE! Total piece of mind! ?"

    - kris pollockvia Google
  • "Garret from Orkin came to our house in the Spokane Valley to investigate a possible pest infestation. He carefully went through the house investigating potential areas of infestation. He pointed out that whatever was in our house had left. He didn't charge us for his time. Talk about service. Many companies would have tried to upsell us for services we didn't need. Great service and technician."

    - Rob Rowleyvia Google
  • "s so awesome! Always does a great job & anticipates seasonal problems before they come. I’m glad to say that with a limited widows income this is a bill I never mind paying! He’s always punctual & works with my schedule to make it easy and convenient for both of us. Way to go Jose!"

    - Mary Pitzervia Google
  • "I recently had a follow up appointment. It’s been a pleasure working with Orkin for a pest control issue. Justin Rice was professional and his expertise is evident. He has effectively addressed our pest problem. His customer service is exceptional. I highly recommend Orkin for anyone in need of reliable and effective pest control service."

    - Keri Waltersvia Google
  • "in has been to my home they are very helpful. They are informative and can carry on conversation of their knowledge about their job. They do thorough inspections. I can always count on them and they are who I call rather than any other company."

    - Melinda Greervia Google

Why Orkin Shines in Dover

Orkin brings more than a century of expertise to Dover, Idaho, offering residents a comprehensive range of pest control services. From the stealthy invader season where critters seek warmth to the high activity of summer's breeding season, Orkin's knowledge of pest seasonality ensures your home remains a sanctuary, free from unwelcome guests. With a local team invested in the community, we understand the specific pest control issues prevalent in the Dover area, including the common pests that can turn your home into their habitat.

The Orkin Difference: Technicians Trained to Perfection

What sets Orkin apart is our people. Orkin technicians undergo an award-winning training program that includes 160 hours of hands-on instruction in the first year alone. Our Pros are equipped with the most advanced tools and are backed by science to tackle any pest issue your Dover home may encounter, ensuring effective and environmentally responsible solutions.

Tailored Pest Control: Your Home, Our Priority

Every home and pest situation is unique, which is why Orkin specializes in customized solutions. After a thorough investigation, we'll develop a precision protection plan that addresses the specific challenges of your property, delivering targeted treatments that focus on prevention, control, and ongoing monitoring.

Year-Round Vigilance: The Key to Pest-Free Living

In Dover, pests don't take a break, and neither does Orkin. Our year-round pest control approach is designed to adapt to the changing behaviors of pests with the seasons, guaranteeing continuous defense against infestations and providing you with the ultimate peace of mind.

Bed Bugs: Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite

bed bugs are a notorious issue in homes and Orkin's comprehensive bed bug services are here to help. From proactive monitoring to effective treatment options like OrkinHeat®, we ensure these elusive pests don't stand a chance in your Dover residence.

The Formidable Foe: Termites

Termites can cause insidious damage before you even know they're there. Orkin's customized termite control services, including Sentricon® bait and monitoring, defend your home against these wood-destroying insects, preserving the structural integrity of your property.

Choose Confidence: Orkin's Triple Guarantee

Choosing Orkin means choosing confidence. We stand behind our services with a Triple Guarantee, offering a 2×24 response promise, a reimbursement guarantee for regulatory fines due to pest infestations, and a comprehensive 360° satisfaction guarantee for complete assurance in our pest control effectiveness.

Orkin's Local Expertise in Dover and Beyond

While Orkin proudly serves the homeowners of Dover, we extend our professional extermination services to the nearby cities such as Sandpoint, Bonners Ferry, and Ponderay. No matter where you are in the region, Orkin's commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction remains steadfast. Partner with us for a pest-free home today.

Commonly Asked Questions about Orkin

Can I cancel the Orkin warranty before it expires?

Yes, you can cancel the Orkin warranty before it expires. However, it is important to contact our customer service department directly to discuss the cancellation process and any potential fees or requirements. We strive to provide excellent service and want to ensure your satisfaction.

Can Orkin provide a list of pet-friendly pest control solutions they use?

We can provide pet-friendly pest control solutions in Dover, Idaho. Our trained technicians use safe and effective methods that won't harm your pets. We prioritize the health and well-being of both your family and your beloved animals. Our team is knowledgeable about pet-safe treatments and can offer customized solutions for your pest problems.

Can eucalyptus oil keep bugs away?

Yes, eucalyptus oil can be an effective natural repellent against bugs. Its strong scent and properties can help keep insects away. However, while it may deter some bugs, it might not be as effective against all types of pests. It is recommended to consult with a professional pest control service like us to determine the best course of action for your specific pest problem.

What are the usual symptoms of a pest invasion?

When dealing with a pest invasion in Dover, Idaho, there are several common symptoms to look out for. These include finding droppings or tracks of pests, noticing an unusual and persistent odor, spotting gnaw marks on furniture or walls, and witnessing an increased presence of pests in and around the property. It is also important to remain vigilant for any signs of damage to structures or belongings caused by these unwanted guests.

Is it necessary to keep lights on all night to keep mice away?

We recommend against keeping lights on all night solely to deter mice. Mice are nocturnal creatures, but their activity isn't solely determined by the presence of light. Factors such as food availability and shelter play a more significant role in attracting or deterring mice. It's important to focus on proper sanitation, sealing up entry points, and employing effective pest control methods to keep mice away.

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