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Experience Unmatched Pest Protection with Orkin in Campbell, Ohio

Homeowners in Campbell, Ohio, can now experience the unmatched expertise and dedicated service that Orkin provides. As a leader in pest control with over 120 years of experience, Orkin offers scientifically-backed solutions and a suite of services designed to tackle any pest challenge you may face. Choosing Orkin means choosing peace of mind, thanks to our comprehensive pest control plans, such as Orkin A.I.M.®, OrkinHeat®, and OrkinDryZone®, among others. Each service is tailored to address the unique pest concerns of Campbell residents, ensuring a pest-free environment all year round.

Most Recent Reviews

  • "I love working with Sterling! He is a kindest and warmest person. We trust him with all of our Orkin needs. We have been with Orkin for a LONG time. We tried another business at one point to save a few $$, but quickly returned to Orkin. Keeps the pests away!"

    - Julie Rootvia Google
  • "Orkin is professional, but very personable, helpful and kind. Quick to answer any questions I have, anytime I ask. I would like to *especially thank Brandon and Derek for their hard work, professionalism, and for going that extra mile to make sure we we got the best treatment possible. I would like to add Rachel to the special thanks. She came later and was extremely kind. She went out of her way to be sure my questions were answered and all important areas of our home were examined and thoroughly covered. They will always be appreciated by us!"

    - A Zvia Google
  • "to complete a flea extermination. The technician that came out was very professional. He explained the process quite well and answered all questions we asked. Hopefully I will not have to call Orkin again but my first experience with them was great and I would recommend them to anyone in need of an exterminator."

    - Melissa Coopervia Google
  • "After a horrible experience with another large nationally known exterminator company I was so relieved to have a fantastic experience with Orkin. From my first call and discussion with Charlie from customer service to my experience with Alexa who came to the house to do the outside and inside treatments. Charlie took the time to listen to my concerns and educate me on what to expect as well as what I did not need to fear!! He was thorough in his questioning to make sure I received the appropriate service and communicated clearly with me regarding pricing and scheduling. Then I received appropriately times text messages to update me and verify scheduled services. Including a series of texts from Alexis letting me know she was done with her previous job a bit early and asking if I was available for her to arrive early! I work from home and I welcomed her early arrival. But because I had calls to make, she accommodated my by starting outside, in order to allow me to finish my job. Then she came in and asked me questions about our situation and also educated me on what to expect as far as time away from the home after the inside treatment. She was very patient in answering my questions because we have 2 small dogs that I didn’t want adversely affected by the chemicals. I never felt like she was in a rush or annoyed with my concerns or questions. She was thorough and reassuring along the way. I highly recommend Orkin for your pest control needs. My only regret is I didn’t call them first!! Just remember, because a company pays to be put on the top of the list on your search engine it doesn’t mean they are best!! Call around! Or just call Orkin because they were amazing."

    - kemberly cookvia Google
  • "arm of flying insects on my front porch, they looked like termites, so I contacted local exterminators for inspections/estimates. The first local exterminator came to the house and saw the insects still crawling around on the side of the porch, and apparently agreed they were termites, because he gave me an estimate of $1,200 to get rid of them. Then, the next day, an Orkin rep comes out and I show him the same crawling bugs . . . and he immediately says, "Oh, those are just citronella ants. You don't see termite workers above ground." I thanked him for the visit and checked online. Sure enough, they were citronella ants and not termites. Really appreciate Orkin's honesty and know who I will call next time I need pest extermination!"

    - Bill Adamsvia Google

Your Partner in Pest Control

Orkin stands out as a dependable partner for homeowners in Campbell, Ohio, offering a broad array of services to protect your home from unwanted guests. With our rigorous technician training and commitment to customer satisfaction, we ensure each Orkin Pro has the knowledge and tools to effectively handle your pest problems. Our Orkin A.I.M.® approach assesses your situation, implements a solution, and monitors your home for any future issues, guaranteeing a lasting resolution.

The Orkin Difference

When comparing Orkin to other pest control companies, the difference is clear. Our century-plus of pest control expertise and continuous innovation sets us apart. With a suite of plans like OrkinHeat® for bed bugs and OrkinDryZone® for moisture control, we address pests from all angles. Orkin's deep understanding of pest behavior, combined with state-of-the-art technology, allows us to offer targeted and effective pest management strategies.

Expertise That Matters

Orkin's expertise is not just about our history; it's about the science and rigorous training behind every service we offer. Our technicians undergo extensive training, ensuring they're equipped with the latest pest control methods and customer service excellence. This dedication to expertise allows us to tackle any pest issue, no matter how unique or challenging it may be.

Pest Control Issues in Campbell

Residents of Campbell may encounter a variety of pests, from termites that can undermine the structural integrity of your home to bed bugs that disrupt your peace. Our local Orkin Pros are familiar with the specific pest pressures of the area and are skilled at addressing both indoor nuisances like roaches and rodents, as well as outdoor pests such as mosquitoes and ticks.

Health Hazards and Year-Round Vigilance

Pests are not just an annoyance; they can pose significant health risks to you and your family. Orkin's year-round pest control services ensure that your home in Campbell remains safe from these hazards. We understand the importance of maintaining a pest-free environment and work diligently to protect your wellbeing.

Unrivaled Termite Expertise

Termites are a pervasive issue in Campbell, capable of causing extensive property damage. Orkin's customized termite control solutions, featuring advanced treatments like Termidor® and Sentricon®, are designed to eliminate current infestations and protect your home from future termite threats.

Customized Solutions for Every Home

Every home is unique, and so are its pest control needs. Orkin takes pride in offering customized solutions that are tailored to your home's specific requirements. We assess the situation, implement the right treatments, and ensure continued protection, adapting our methods to your home's unique environment.

Serving the Community Beyond Campbell

While Campbell is our focus, Orkin's reach extends to nearby cities, including Youngstown, Struthers, and Boardman. Our commitment to quality service and environmental responsibility knows no bounds, as we aim to protect homes and businesses throughout the region with the same level of care and precision.

Orkin is more than a pest control provider; we are a partner dedicated to ensuring the comfort and safety of your home all year round. With our comprehensive plans, expertly trained technicians, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Campbell residents can trust Orkin for all their pest control needs. To set up an appointment and further discuss how Orkin can assist you, contact us today.

Commonly Asked Questions about Orkin

Can I customize the Orkin treatment package to fit my specific needs, and how does it affect the cost?

Yes, we offer customizable Orkin treatment packages to meet your specific needs. The cost will vary depending on the extent of the treatment required and the specific services included. We can work with you to tailor a plan that addresses your pest control concerns and fits within your budget.

Are Orkin's tick spraying services expensive?

Orkin's tick spraying services in Campbell, Ohio can vary in cost depending on the size of the property and the severity of the tick infestation. However, compared to other pest control companies in the area, our prices are considered reasonable and competitive.

Are there any specific scented sprays or powders that mice dislike and can be used as repellents?

As a pest control company servicing Campbell, Ohio, we recommend using scented sprays or powders that mice dislike as repellents. Some common scents that mice tend to dislike include peppermint, eucalyptus, and cloves. These scents can be effective in deterring mice from infesting your home or property. However, it's important to note that while these scents may be unpleasant to mice, they may not guarantee complete eradication. It's always advisable to consult with a professional pest control service for a comprehensive solution.

What exterminator is licensed and insured?

Yes, Orkin is a licensed and insured exterminator in Campbell, Ohio. They provide professional pest control services to address various pest problems.

Can I bring my pets back into the house to sleep after fumigation?

After fumigation, it is generally recommended to keep pets out of the house until the designated reentry time specified by the pest control company. We can help ensure the safety of your pets by providing information on the appropriate timing for their return.

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