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Safeguard Your Austin Home with Orkin's Unmatched Pest Control Expertise

Austin homeowners seek peace of mind in the comfort of their own homes, and Orkin stands as a bastion against uninvited pests. With a storied history dating back to 1901, Orkin brings over 120 years of unrivaled pest control experience to the heart of Texas. Our comprehensive services, from termite defense to mosquito abatement, are crafted with precision and backed by the Orkin Guarantee—promising Austin residents a pest-free sanctuary.

Most Recent Reviews

  • "er came to my home and performed an inspection. He was very polite, knowledgeable and thorough in his assessment. He’s a young man with an old spirit. You have to have a love for what you do and Tanner definitely enjoys what he does. I hope the company will keep him around for years to come. He put my mind at ease on a few things in his observation. I look forward to working with him and the company for many years to come."

    - Debra Jacksonvia Google
  • "Phillip was friendly and prompt for our initial treatment. He took the time to explain everything and provided great suggestions on ways to help keep the pests out. Time shall tell if the treatments are effective but we he made us feel confident his treatment are the right path forward."

    - Al Rybavia Google
  • "t my opinion bluntly, Orkin is the best pest control service available. They effortlessly combine industry leading, environmentally friendly products with highly trained and professional technicians to effortlessly rid our home of unwanted “guests.” Our particular technician, Tony, consistently goes above and beyond our expectations to identify and treat problems before or soon after they appear. Orkin truly has lived up to its stellar reputation. Thanks!"

    - Philip Ingramvia Google
  • "The people that come out to the house to actually do the spraying and everything are great. They are always super friendly with my children and always give me advice on how to keep the insects away between services always remind me that I can call anytime between services. Calling customer service is always quick and easy. No long wait times. Everyone I’ve ever dealt with is super polite."

    - Coretta Stewartvia Google
  • "ng Orkin for several years now and just love them. We live in the country so we have lots of outside bugs trying to come inside and Orkin comes out every other month and saves us without fail. The area Manager has even been to our home to make sure we are getting everything we need. Big company with a small town feel. Excellent service!"

    - Cricket Hill Ranch April McLaughlinvia Google

Orkin's Pledge to Austin's Homes

Orkin's dedication to public education, public health, and environmental responsibility reflects our comprehensive approach to pest control in Austin, and extends to nearby communities such as Round Rock, Cedar Park, and Pflugerville. Orkin is well-versed in the unique pest challenges that Austin homeowners face, offering specialized protection plans like OrkinShield® and OrkinHeat®.

The Professional Edge Over DIY

While DIY solutions may offer temporary relief, they lack the expertise and ongoing defense that comes with professional extermination. Orkin's trained specialists, equipped with the latest technology and industry-leading training, deliver a strategic offense that DIY methods cannot match. Our A.I.M.® approach ensures that every crevice of your Austin home remains fortified against pests year-round.

Orkin vs. The Competition

When compared to other pest control companies, Orkin's extensive training programs place us in a league of our own. Every technician undergoes 160 hours of targeted training, ensuring that they're not just exterminators, but true masters of pestology. Orkin's commitment to customer satisfaction and tailored solutions sets us apart in the industry, providing Austin homeowners with confidence and trust in our services.

A Science-Driven Approach to Pest Management

Orkin's expertise stems from a deep understanding of pest biology and behavior. Our board-certified entomologists and ongoing research into state-of-the-art products mean that we're not just combating pests—we're outsmarting them with science.

Addressing Austin's Unique Pest Challenges

Austin's climate can invite an array of pests, from the tenacious termite to the invasive mosquito. Orkin's local Pros are familiar with these challenges and are prepared to deliver customized, effective solutions for your home. Whether it's conducting a termite inspection or implementing a comprehensive mosquito abatement plan, we're equipped to handle Austin's most pressing pest concerns.

The Seasonal Pest Shifts in Austin

Pests in Austin display seasonal behaviors, necessitating a dynamic approach to pest control. Orkin's Seasons of Pest Protection program adapts to these shifts, ensuring your home is safeguarded against the specific threats each season presents, from the swarming of spring to the shelter-seeking invaders of winter.

Empowering Homeowners with Pest Control Knowledge

Education is a cornerstone of Orkin's commitment to Austin. We empower homeowners with practical tips and insights to maintain a pest-free environment, complementing our professional services to keep your home protected inside and out.

Health Risks and Year-Round Vigilance

Protecting your home from pests isn't just about avoiding nuisances—it's about safeguarding your family's health. Many common pests can pose serious health risks, making Orkin's year-round pest control not only a prudent choice but an essential one for Austin homeowners.

Orkin's Bed Bug and Termite Solutions

Among the myriad pests that Austin residents may encounter, bed bugs and termites are particularly troublesome. Orkin's targeted treatments, including OrkinHeat® and Sentricon® bait and monitoring systems, offer peace of mind against these destructive and elusive pests.

A Compassionate Approach to Commercial Pest Control

Orkin extends its expertise to Austin businesses as well, delivering customized commercial pest control solutions that protect both your customers and your reputation. Our triple guarantee—a testament to our confidence in our services—ensures that your business is always in competent hands.

Remember, choosing Orkin means opting for a legacy of excellence in pest management. Austin homeowners and businesses alike can trust in our proven strategies and commitment to customer satisfaction to keep their properties pest-free. Schedule an appointment with us to experience the Orkin difference.

Commonly Asked Questions about Orkin

Are there any hidden costs or additional charges I should be aware of for Orkin's services?

Yes, there are additional charges for Orkin's services in Austin, Texas. These costs may include specialized treatments for certain pests, extensive infestations requiring multiple visits, or optional add-on services such as attic insulation or mosquito control. It's important to discuss your specific needs with Orkin to get a clear understanding of the potential costs involved.

Does Orkin offer recommendations for preventing future rat infestations?

Yes, Orkin offers recommendations for preventing future rat infestations. We can provide advice on sealing entry points, eliminating food sources, and implementing proper sanitation practices. Our experts can conduct a thorough inspection to identify potential problem areas and offer customized solutions to ensure long-term rat prevention.

Are there specific techniques or strategies that exterminators follow to prevent mouse infestations?

As exterminators in Austin, Texas, we employ specific techniques and strategies to prevent mouse infestations. We start by conducting a thorough inspection of the property to identify potential entry points and signs of mice. We then seal any cracks, gaps, or openings in walls, floors, and foundations to prevent their entry. Additionally, we provide recommendations on proper sanitation practices and storage to eliminate potential food sources for mice. By implementing these preventive measures, we can help minimize the risk of mouse infestations in your home or business.

Can termites infest my clothes after house tenting?

After house tenting, termites are unlikely to infest your clothes in Austin, Texas. Termites primarily target wood and cellulose-based materials, not clothing. However, it's always a good idea to inspect your clothes and other belongings for any potential termite damage.

What are the ongoing practices for long-term mouse prevention and elimination?

To prevent and eliminate mice in Austin, Texas, it is important to implement ongoing practices. Firstly, ensure proper sanitation by keeping all areas clean and free of food debris. Additionally, seal any gaps or cracks in the building's exterior to prevent mouse entry. Regularly inspect and maintain your property for any signs of mice, such as droppings or gnaw marks. Finally, consider professional pest control services for effective and long-term mouse prevention and elimination.

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