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Orkin Pest Control: Your Trusted Ally in Alexandria, Virginia

When it comes to safeguarding your Alexandria home against unwelcome pests, Orkin stands as a beacon of reliability and expertise. With over 120 years of experience, Orkin offers Alexandria residents a suite of sophisticated pest control solutions, tailored to address the unique challenges faced by homeowners in the area. By choosing Orkin, you're not just getting an exterminator; you're partnering with a team that is highly trained and backed by science to ensure your peace of mind.

Most Recent Reviews

  • "I have Orkin service my home on a quarterly basis and I’m very satisfied with the preventive services they provide. Today, Fredy was again the technician who performed the service. Fredy is one of the best - he works quickly but doesn’t rush and he proactively shares information with me on any pests (spiders, etc.) he finds in the glue pad traps. I appreciate the service I receive from him and from the Lorton, Virginia-based Orkin service center."

    - Chrystal Youngvia Google
  • "azing technician. He is very professional, knowledgeable and a lovely person. Thank you for his job well done!!!"

    - J Elizabethvia Google
  • "st time using Orkin and if all the technicians are as thourogh as Rafael S., then I am going to be a VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER. From the moment Rafael arrived he explained everything that he planned to accomplish during the initial assessment and treatment appointment. Upon completion of each level he explained what he found, if anything and what he did. Psst, Orkin treats attic space as well. We had our indoor and outdoor space treated during this visit. The previous company we contracted with did not treat attic space nor did they get rid of spider webs! So far I am very happy with my switch to Orkin!!!!"

    - Pri Vatevia Google
  • "The technician went to the wrong house initially. I was able to find him as he was leaving the building. Perhaps the tech should ensure he is at the correct place by asking for the client. This would have been a one-star if he didn’t show up today."

    - Mary Beth Harneyvia Google
  • "From the Customer Service Representative to the technician (John) I’ll give each of them 5 Stars everytime. They’ve been so personable, professional, and about business. The preventive maintenance has given me peace of mind and I’m so thankful for their service. Living in a Condo can be scary but now I’m at peace."

    - Rachel Ferebeevia Google

Experience the Orkin Difference in Alexandria

Residents of Alexandria, Virginia, understand that the beauty of their historic city comes with the need for vigilance against pests. Orkin's century-plus of pest control experience brings not only peace of mind but also the assurance of a home protected by the industry's leading experts. Our Orkin Pros are equipped with 160 hours of award-winning training, ensuring that every service—from termite control to mosquito management—is delivered with precision and care.

Orkin's Exclusive Services and Plans

Choosing Orkin means access to a wide array of specialized services designed to keep your home pest-free. Services such as OrkinHeat® for bed bug treatment, the Orkin A.I.M.® solution for comprehensive pest management, and custom wildlife management plans are just a few examples of our commitment to your home's well-being.

The Professional Touch vs. DIY

While there's a certain appeal to tackling problems on your own, pest control is an area where professional expertise is invaluable. Orkin's thorough understanding of pest behavior, combined with our cutting-edge tools and methods, offers a level of effectiveness and safety that DIY approaches often cannot match.

Orkin vs. Other Pest Control Companies

In the competitive landscape of pest control, Orkin's reputation for reliability and performance sets us apart. Unlike some companies that offer a one-size-fits-all solution, Orkin recognizes the individual needs of each home and crafts a tailored plan to address them.

Science and Training at Orkin

Orkin's approach to pest control is deeply rooted in science. Our Pros are not just exterminators; they're trained problem solvers who apply their scientific know-how to identify the root cause of your pest concerns and address them effectively.

Year-Round Protection for Alexandria Homes

The seasonal nature of pests requires a vigilant, year-round approach to pest control. Orkin's understanding of pest seasonality ensures that your Alexandria home is protected against the specific pest pressures of each season, from the cold-seeking shelter pests of winter to the breeding nuisances of summer.

Alexandria's Common Pests

Homeowners in Alexandria and neighboring cities like Springfield, Annandale, and Arlington are no strangers to common pests such as ants, rodents, and termites. Orkin is well-versed in the local pest landscape and ready to tackle any infestation, no matter how common or unique it may be.

Orkin's Commitment to Satisfaction

With Orkin, your satisfaction is our priority. Our Triple Guarantee assures responsive service, reimbursement for regulatory fines related to pest infestations, and comprehensive satisfaction guarantees that underscore our commitment to excellence.

Customized Solutions for Every Home

Orkin values the uniqueness of your Alexandria home. That's why our Pros create customized solutions that go beyond just treating pests—they aim to prevent them, ensuring a secure and comfortable living environment for you and your family.

Orkin's Commercial Acumen

Alexandria businesses can also benefit from Orkin's commercial pest control expertise. Our commercial offerings are designed to protect your business with the same precision and dedication that we apply to residential services.

Commonly Asked Questions about Orkin

Can Orkin help with ant infestations?

Yes, Orkin can help with ant infestations in Alexandria, Virginia. We offer professional pest control services to address ant problems in residential and commercial properties. Our trained technicians will assess the situation, identify the ant species, and implement effective treatment methods to eliminate the infestation. With our expertise and customized solutions, we can help you get rid of ants and prevent future infestations.

How much does it cost to get a quote from Orkin?

Getting a quote from Orkin in Alexandria, Virginia is a straightforward process. Simply reach out to us through our website and provide some details about your pest control needs. Our team will then assess the situation and provide you with a customized quote based on the specific services required.

Can Pine Sol keep spiders away?

Yes, Pine Sol can help to keep spiders away. The strong scent of Pine Sol is known to repel spiders and discourage them from entering your home. Simply mix Pine Sol with water and spray it in areas where spiders are commonly found, such as corners, cracks, and entry points. This natural solution can be an effective way to deter spiders from your home.

Does peppermint repel bugs from entering the house?

Yes, peppermint can help to repel bugs from entering the house. Peppermint contains a strong scent that insects find unpleasant, making them less likely to venture inside. Placing peppermint plants or using peppermint oil near entry points can be an effective natural deterrent against bugs.

Do exterminators require the removal of the mattress during fumigation?

During fumigation treatments in Alexandria, Virginia, exterminators typically do not require the removal of the mattress. However, it is recommended to follow the specific instructions provided by the pest control company.

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