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Safeguard Your Arlington Home with Orkin's Expert Pest Control Solutions

Residents of Arlington, Virginia, can experience peace of mind with Orkin's century of pest control expertise. As the leading authority in pest management, Orkin provides scientifically backed, customized solutions to keep your home pest-free. From the stealthy termite to the irritating mosquito, Orkin's tailored services and comprehensive plans are specifically designed to meet the unique challenges homeowners face in the Arlington area.

Most Recent Reviews

  • "echs are outstanding and dependable. However, the local sales staff and office management over promise and under perform on additional services offered."

    - Dan Ciullovia Google
  • "Both the inspector and exterminator were courteous, on time, knowledgeable, and professional. The service was extremely responsive, worked with my schedule, used my preferred method of contact, and offered multiple payment options. The service was expensive as compared to online estimations for price in my area, however I did not have to take off work saving me the cost of lost wages and were considerate as to when in the time block was better for me, the company has strong brand recognition, and they were able to address my needs immediately after a swarm was detected, saving me from damage occurring while I waited for service."

    - Helen Plattnervia Google
  • ""

    - Luis Berriovia Google
  • "The Orkin representative, Frank, was very professional and thorough. He arrived on time as promised, and determined that it was a large and dangerous hornets nest in the tree by our drive-way. He outlined precisely how he would deal with it as well as safety precautions we needed to follow. His manner was professional and reassuring. I was very happy with prompt response and quick resoltion from Orkin and would highly recommend the firm for pest control"

    - Anthony Mirabellavia Google
  • "Called and asked Orkin to come out had seen multiple baby mice in the condo. They completely missed the 1st appt but the regional manager called me and they showed on time for the 2nd. Tech was pleasant, knowledgeable and professional. Felt super comfortable having him in my home alone. The only thing that bothers me was that the only sent a tech. He wa there 3 minutes before he told me my job needed a home inspector since there were multiple mice seen. I told them that at the initial phone consultation. I should not have to wait for another appointment to get the real job done. I took time off of my job for no reason. Now I have take take more time off for an inspection guy to come. So the tech who came was great and not his fault the appt was not staffed correctly. 10 for the I, 2 for scheduling."

    - Tricia Barbeauvia Google

The Orkin Advantage: A Century of Protection

Orkin stands out in Arlington, Virginia, not only for its longevity but for its commitment to excellence in pest control. Choosing Orkin means opting for a protector with over 120 years of expertise and a robust training program that equips our professionals with the tools and knowledge necessary to tackle any pest problem. Our services, such as Orkin's termite control and mosquito treatment, are meticulously designed to deliver effective results, ensuring your home remains a sanctuary free from unwanted guests.

The Professional Touch versus DIY

While the appeal of DIY pest control may seem tempting, the expertise that Orkin brings to the table is unmatched. Our professionals undergo 160 hours of training to confront pests with strategies far beyond the reach of store-bought solutions. This expert approach guarantees a level of effectiveness and safety that DIY simply cannot offer, making the choice for professional extermination clear for Arlington homeowners.

Orkin Versus the Rest

When comparing Orkin to other pest control companies, our commitment to continuous education and community involvement sets us apart. Partnering with organizations like the CDC and American Red Cross, Orkin's role in public health extends further than the average exterminator. Our Orkin A.I.M.® approach - Assess, Implement, and Monitor - ensures a tailored strategy and ongoing defense against pests, placing us at the forefront of the industry.

A Look Inside Orkin's Expertise

At the heart of Orkin's service is a science-driven methodology that's been refined over decades. Our technicians are not only trained to handle pests but to understand them, employing the latest technology and environmentally responsible methods. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs exemplify our sustainable approach to maintaining a delicate balance with our environment while keeping homes in Arlington safe.

The Arlington Pestscape: Local Challenges

Homeowners in Arlington must contend with a range of pests, from the common ant invasions to the more severe termite threats that can compromise the integrity of their property. Each season brings its own set of challenges, with springtime termite swarms and summer mosquito blooms. Orkin's expertise in local pest behavior ensures that no matter the season or pest, your home is protected year-round.

Stay Vigilant: Year-Round Pest Control

The changing seasons of Virginia bring different pests to the forefront, making ongoing pest control essential. Orkin's Seasons of Pest Protection program adapts to the active pests of each season, ensuring that your Arlington home stays safeguarded at all times. Whether it's defending against the shelter-seeking rodents of winter or the breeding insects of summer, Orkin's year-round vigilance is your best defense.

The Orkin Promise: Customer Satisfaction and Customization

Orkin's dedication to customer satisfaction is unwavering. Our Triple Guarantee ensures a responsive service and a commitment to resolve any concerns, providing Arlington residents with the confidence that their homes are in good hands. With tailored solutions that adapt to the unique needs of each property, Orkin's promise is to deliver personalized and effective pest control.

Serving Homes and Businesses

Orkin's expertise extends beyond residential services, offering comprehensive pest management solutions to Arlington's businesses. Our commercial offerings are designed to meet industry-specific requirements, providing businesses with the assurance of a pest-free environment. From healthcare facilities to educational institutions, Orkin's commercial services ensure that every establishment can operate without the hindrance of pests.

Arlington homeowners seeking to schedule an appointment can easily reach out to Orkin for expert pest management services. With a strong presence in the community and a reputation built on science and satisfaction, Orkin is ready to address your pest control needs. Neighboring cities such as Alexandria, Falls Church, and McLean can also benefit from Orkin's unparalleled protection against the pests that threaten our homes and businesses.

Commonly Asked Questions about Orkin

Does Orkin offer a military discount?

Yes, Orkin offers a military discount in Arlington, Virginia. They understand and appreciate the service of our military personnel and provide special pricing options for them. Contact Orkin to learn more about their military discount and how it can benefit you.

Can Orkin address concerns about the effectiveness of their pest control methods?

At Orkin, we understand that concerns may arise regarding the effectiveness of our pest control methods. Our team of highly trained professionals in Arlington, Virginia, is dedicated to providing effective pest control solutions. We use industry-leading techniques and products to address pest issues and strive to ensure customer satisfaction. While no method is completely foolproof, we continuously evaluate and improve our methods to offer the best possible outcomes for our customers.

Can I store food in the refrigerator during the fumigation?

During fumigation in Arlington, Virginia, it is generally recommended to store food in the refrigerator. This helps to protect it from any potential contamination or exposure to the fumigation chemicals. However, it is crucial to follow the specific instructions provided by the pest control company to ensure safety and proper precautions are taken.

Which fragrance deters bed bugs effectively?

We have found that there is no specific fragrance that has been proven to effectively deter bed bugs. While some people claim that certain scents like lavender or tea tree oil can repel bed bugs, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. The most effective way to prevent and eliminate bed bugs is through professional pest control treatment.

Do I need to remove clothes from closets or drawers before termite treatment?

When preparing for termite treatment in Arlington, Virginia, it is generally recommended to remove clothes from closets and drawers. This helps ensure that the treatment reaches all areas where termites may be present. It also helps protect your clothing from any potential residue or odors that may occur during the treatment process.

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