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Orkin Freehold: Your Partner in Pest Control Excellence

Residents of Freehold, New Jersey, seeking reliable and professional pest control services need not look further than Orkin, the industry leader with over 120 years of experience. Orkin's comprehensive approach, including the Orkin A.I.M.® service plan, is designed to address the unique challenges homeowners face with pests. With services ranging from termite control to wildlife management, Orkin offers Freehold homeowners the peace of mind that comes with a pest-free home.

Most Recent Reviews

  • "Your services are very good. However you are hard to contact ,hard to reschedule. But you still charge ontime even if you haven't been to the house... Due to Dr. Appointments for me and my wife, we can't always keep our appointment. We call atleast two days ahead and never get a call back or rescheduled."

    - Earle Holleyvia Google
  • "get a call back right away and an appointment and evaluation right away. Ryan was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. He explained everything in detail. I was very pleased. This is my first time having this type of service and I’m glad I chose Orkin. Sincerely, Susie"

    - Susie Bellavia Google
  • "is wonderful. He’s knowledgeable and very polite. I am very pleased with my service. Thank you."

    - Aimee Friedellvia Google
  • "We were experiencing a severe wasp problem near the fascia of the building. It was so severe employees could not leave the building forcing them to exit thru a rear door and walking around the block to their vehicles. I called Orkin after hours and someone was on-site within the hour. We are fully satisfied with the service and the invoice charges. Thank you for your continued service."

    - john ruttlervia Google
  • "my house on the same day I called. Their employee was very polite and knowledgeable. I asked him a ton of questions, and he was super patient. He also reassured me he’d take care of my issue and would treat my home as he would his own!"

    - Rachel Wescoevia Google

Orkin's Commitment to Superior Pest Control in Freehold, NJ

Residents of Freehold, New Jersey, can rely on Orkin for effective pest control solutions. With a legacy spanning over 120 years, Orkin stands out with its commitment to customer education, public health, and environmental responsibility. Orkin's expertise is not just in eliminating pests, but also in preventing future infestations and educating the community on health risks associated with pests.

As part of the Freehold community, Orkin provides specialized protection against common household nuisances such as insects, termites, rodents, and more. The Orkin Guarantee ensures customer satisfaction, offering off-schedule return visits and a 30-day money-back guarantee. With Orkin, you gain not just a service provider but a partner in maintaining a safe and comfortable home.

Why Choose Professional Extermination Over DIY

When it comes to pest control, homeowners may wonder whether to tackle the problem themselves or call in the pros. While DIY approaches can offer a temporary fix, they often fall short in addressing the root cause of infestations. Professional exterminators like Orkin bring a wealth of knowledge and resources that ensure a comprehensive and long-term solution. With Orkin's extensive training and specialized tools, you can trust that your pest issues will be handled effectively and efficiently.

Orkin vs. Other Pest Control Services

Orkin sets the bar high with its award-winning training program and state-of-the-art technology. Unlike other pest control companies, Orkin professionals undergo rigorous training to become masters in pestology. The Orkin A.I.M.® approach—Assess, Implement, Monitor—is a testament to the company's strategic methodology in providing tailored pest control solutions for every home.

Seasonal Pest Control: A Year-Round Priority

Freehold's changing seasons bring different pest pressures. Orkin understands the seasonality of pests, offering protection programs that address specific seasonal pest behaviors. From the shelter-seeking pests of winter to the swarming nuisances of spring, Orkin's seasonal approach ensures your home remains secure throughout the year.

Uninvited Guests: Common Pests in Freehold

Homeowners in Freehold may encounter a variety of pests, including ants, rodents, termites, and mosquitoes. Each of these pests presents unique challenges and health risks. Orkin's trained professionals are well-acquainted with the local pest population and equipped to provide targeted treatments for your home.

Orkin's Expertise and Science-Backed Solutions

Trust in Orkin's expertise and science-based solutions for all your pest control needs. Board-certified entomologists are part of the team, ensuring that the latest and most effective methods are used to protect your home. Orkin's approach is not only about eliminating pests but also about understanding their biology and behavior for more effective control.

Customized Solutions for Every Freehold Home

Your home is unique, and so are its pest control needs. Orkin offers customized solutions that take into account your specific situation. Whether it's setting up preventative measures or dealing with an active infestation, Orkin tailors its services to provide the most effective treatment for your home.

Serving not only Freehold but also neighboring towns such as Howell, Marlboro, and Manalapan, Orkin is dedicated to keeping New Jersey homes pest-free. If you're experiencing pest issues or want to prevent them, setting up an appointment with Orkin is the first step towards reclaiming your peace of mind.

Commonly Asked Questions about Orkin

Can I request a specific technician for my Orkin appointment?

Unfortunately, we are unable to fulfill specific technician requests for Orkin appointments in Freehold, New Jersey. However, rest assured that all our technicians are highly trained and experienced in providing effective pest control services.

What factors affect the cost of bee removal by Orkin?

There are several factors that can affect the cost of bee removal services in Freehold, New Jersey. The size and location of the bee hive, as well as the level of infestation, can impact the overall cost. Additionally, the type of bees involved and the accessibility of the hive may also be taken into consideration. Be sure to contact us for an accurate assessment and pricing tailored to your specific bee removal needs.

Are there any areas of the house I should avoid cleaning after pest extermination?

After pest extermination, it is advisable to avoid cleaning areas that were directly treated by the professionals in Freehold, New Jersey. These areas may include the specific locations where pesticides or other pest control substances were applied. It is crucial to follow the instructions provided by the pest control company to ensure the efficacy of the treatment.

Is it necessary to clean or wipe down surfaces before sleeping in a fumigated house?

Yes, it is recommended to clean or wipe down surfaces before sleeping in a fumigated house. This helps to remove any residue or chemicals that may have settled on surfaces during the fumigation process. Cleaning the surfaces ensures a clean and safe environment for sleeping.

Are there any specific fruits or vegetables that bugs hate?

As a pest control company based in Freehold, NJ, we have observed that there are certain fruits and vegetables that bugs tend to dislike. For example, insects such as aphids and whiteflies are not particularly fond of strong-smelling plants like garlic and onions. Additionally, some pests like cucumber beetles and squash bugs tend to avoid plants that belong to the cucurbit family, such as cucumbers and squash. While these fruits and vegetables may not completely repel all types of bugs, they may help deter them to some extent.

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