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Orkin: Your Trusted Partner in Pest Control in Glen Carbon, Illinois

For homeowners in Glen Carbon, Illinois, combating pests is a year-round challenge. Orkin stands ready as a partner in this ongoing battle, providing top-tier pest control services with over 120 years of experience in the industry. By choosing Orkin, residents of Glen Carbon can benefit from advanced pest management plans, highly trained technicians, and a commitment to customer satisfaction that’s second to none. Orkin offers a range of services to address every type of pest issue, from common invaders like ants and cockroaches to more formidable foes such as termites and bed bugs.

Most Recent Reviews

  • "The man that was dispatched from ORKIN to treat our home was very courteous and proffessional . We were informed by text that he was on his way and again when he arrived . He answered all my questions and politely put on shoe covers to walk through our home . Job well done"

    - Brian Villhardvia Google
  • "The technician was nice. She asked questions as well as having suggestions. It rained the day before andi let her know the garage was really wet and she left some glue traps for me when it dries out."

    - Jason Forrestvia Google
  • "They inspect the area. We bought a new home so they treat the ground. Then they just look around the house for signs of termites."

    - via Angieslist
  • "My rep was knowledgeable and took the time to walk me through the process. He explained what he was doing and gave me a nice education on the types of pests we were treating. I appreciated the reassurance and look forward to resolving my issue with this team."

    - Kristie Sikoravia Google
  • "Their service is working fine for me and their price doesn’t feel burdensome. I would rate them highly and would use them in the future."

    - via Angieslist

Orkin Services: A Cut Above the Rest

When it comes to maintaining your Glen Carbon home, the decision to hire a professional exterminator like Orkin versus attempting DIY pest control is crucial. Orkin’s expertise and advanced training programs ensure that pests are not only eradicated but also that their return is prevented. With Orkin, you are not just getting a temporary fix but a comprehensive pest management plan.

Expertise and Science in Pest Control

Orkin’s dedication to science and training sets it apart from other exterminator companies. With entomologists on staff and over 160 hours of training for each technician, Orkin’s expertise in pest behavior and treatment is unmatched. This extensive knowledge base is pivotal to providing Glen Carbon homeowners with the most effective pest control solutions.

Understanding Glen Carbon's Pests

Different pests pose different threats throughout the year in Glen Carbon. Seasonality affects pest behavior, and Orkin’s Season of Pest Protection program is designed to address these changes. Whether it’s shielding your home during Swarm Season or fortifying it in Shelter Season, Orkin has a plan tailored for every period of the year.

The Health Hazards of Pests

Pests are more than just a nuisance; they can pose serious health risks. Rodents can spread diseases such as hantavirus, while mosquitoes may carry West Nile virus. Orkin understands these hazards and works diligently to protect Glen Carbon families from these health threats.

Customized Solutions for Every Home

No two homes are the same, and neither are their pest problems. Orkin prides itself on creating customized solutions that cater specifically to the unique challenges of each Glen Carbon residence. From initial inspection to treatment and follow-up, Orkin’s process is designed to deliver effective and humane pest control tailored to your home’s specific needs.

Orkin’s Commitment to Your Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Orkin’s service. With the Orkin Guarantee, homeowners in Glen Carbon can rest assured that they will be happy with the results. If pests return between treatments, so will Orkin – at no additional cost.

Orkin doesn’t just serve Glen Carbon; it also extends its services to nearby cities such as Edwardsville, Collinsville, and Maryville, ensuring that residents throughout the region can enjoy the same high level of pest protection. When it comes to safeguarding your home against pests, Orkin offers unparalleled service and peace of mind.

Commonly Asked Questions about Orkin

Can pregnant women use Orkin's services without having to leave their homes?

Yes, pregnant women can avail of Orkin's services without needing to leave their homes in Glen Carbon, Illinois. Our team of professionals will come to your residence and provide the necessary pest control services while ensuring your safety and convenience.

Are there any specific pests that Orkin can still treat in the rain?

At Orkin in Glen Carbon, Illinois, we are able to treat a variety of pests even in rainy conditions. Our experienced technicians are equipped to handle common pests such as ants, spiders, and rodents, rain or shine. We understand the importance of addressing pest issues promptly, regardless of the weather conditions, to ensure the comfort and safety of our customers.

Can I cut dryer sheets into smaller pieces for better distribution against stink bugs?

Yes, you can cut dryer sheets into smaller pieces for better distribution against stink bugs. This can help release the scent more evenly and potentially deter the bugs.

Can vinegar get rid of pantry bugs?

Yes, vinegar can be effective in getting rid of pantry bugs. Vinegar's strong smell acts as a deterrent, and its acidic nature can help eliminate these pests. To use vinegar, simply mix equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray it in areas where pantry bugs are found. Keep in mind that vinegar alone may not completely eradicate an infestation, so it's important to address the root cause and take additional pest control measures.

Does bug spray on walls have an expiration date?

Bug sprays on walls do not have an expiration date. They can remain effective as long as they are stored properly in a cool, dry place. However, it is recommended to check the label or contact a professional pest control service to ensure the bug spray is still effective for use.

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